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Collaboration Formalized Between Dutch Hardt Hyperloop and Rete Ferroviaria Italiana, FS Italiane Group, for Continued Hyperloop Study


The partnership between the FS Italiane Group, through Rete Ferroviaria Italiana, and Hardt Hyperloop on a new hyperloop transport system has been…

Hardt Hyperloop moves headquarters to Rotterdam


Hardt Hyperloop will move from Delft to Rotterdam in mid-June 2022. The Dutch company that is developing the hyperloop will be moving into the…

‘Hyperconnected Europe’ brings together cities and regions to create a joint vision of hyperloop network across the continent


• The Hyperconnected Europe initiative is a community of cities and regions jointly creating a vision for the European hyperloop network. It is…

From Amsterdam to Berlin in 55 minutes with the Hyperloop - a preview


The future of travel within Europe will be fast, sustainable and comfortable and this is how it's going to look like.

Feasibility study: CO2 reduction and economic benefits from transporting goods by hyperloop


The realisation of a hyperloop network for goods between the provinces of North and South Holland in the Netherlands will cause a one-million-tonne…

Hardt Hyperloop has been awarded 15 million euros from Brussels's first hyperloop investment package


Hardt Hyperloop, the Dutch company working on the development of the hyperloop, has been awarded 15 million euros by the European Commission. It is…

Global hyperloop industry meets up in Frankfurt


• Hypermotion Frankfurt: first time all hyperloop stakeholders and major industry players will come together to discuss developments • Global…

NEWS - Accelerating implementation of hyperloop as clean alternative to short-haul flights and road traffic should be prioritized - IPCC report shows immediate climate action required


• IPCC 2021 Climate report shows reaching net zero CO2 emissions is our only chance to minimize climate impact • Hyperloop can drastically reduce…

VIDEO - Continuing the series 'Road to the European Hyperloop Center'


Before we start building the European Hyperloop Center, we want to make sure we do so in the safest, most efficient and cost-effective way possible.…

VIDEO - Moving ahead with the European Hyperloop Center preparations


We’re moving ahead with the European Hyperloop Center (EHC) at full speed. As its realization is becoming more and more concrete and we’re closing in…

VIDEO - Bloomberg - The hyperloop may disrupt more than just travel


Watch Bloomberg’s production on the very latest status of the hyperloop development and its massive economic potential, in which Hardt’s Mars Geuze,…

PRESS RELEASE HDP - Coalition of Dutch governments and companies explores hyperloop solution for countries busiest freight corridor


A pilot route that would constitute a first step in creating a pan-European emission-free hyperloop network is being investigated in the largest urban…

The Netherlands commits to hyperloop in pursuit of clean transport future


Dutch ministries put millions towards hyperloop development program Two Dutch ministries and several companies and research organizations today…

Experience the future of travel with first hyperloop interior mock-up


Dutch hyperloop company Hardt presents a fully functional life-size segment of the hyperloop interior, the CABIN-1. For the first time, future…

Hyperloop can play major role in Schiphol becoming the envisioned sustainable multi-modal hub


Amsterdam Airport Schiphol will expand its involvement in hyperloop by continuing the partnership with Dutch hyperloop company Hardt Hyperloop, that…

New research: hyperloop has huge economic impact on Amsterdam Metropolitan Area


An innovative solution such as the hyperloop offers agglomeration advantages on account of its enabling quick and efficient (inter)national links over…

European Countries Agree to Establish Common Standards for Hyperloop Systems


Brussels — February 11, 2020 — A new milestone in hyperloop transportation was reached when European countries banded together and agreed to create a…

Hyperloop test centre to be opened in Groningen, Netherlands


Europe’s first facility to test hyperloop at high speeds will be built in the Dutch province of Groningen. The new European Hyperloop Center (EHC)…

Two Dutch provinces go head-to-head in race to host European hyperloop test center


Delft, 3 December 2019 – Today it was announced that the Dutch provinces of Groningen and Zeeland have been selected as final contenders in the race…

Multi-million-euro investment in Hardt Hyperloop


An international business consortium led by Dutch clean energy conglomerate Koolen Industries has made a multi-million-euro investment in Hardt…

Europe’s first hyperloop a step closer to offering a green alternative to short-haul flights


Delft, the Netherlands, June 27, 2019 - Hardt Hyperloop proudly reveals first complete European hyperloop system at their ‘Grand Reveal’ event, with…

Research into Amsterdam-Frankfurt hyperloop route proves the feasibility of the hyperloop in Europe


Utrecht, 12 September 2018 – Various well-known organisations presented their shared vision on the future of hyperloop in Europe at the first…

Hardt Hyperloop is expanding in Europe through multi-million investment by InnoEnergy


InnoEnergy, the European community for knowledge and innovation in sustainable energy, is investing up to five million euros in Hardt Hyperloop.…

Canadian and European Hyperloop Leaders Launch Industry-first Partnership to Establish International Standards and Regulatory Framework


Leading Canadian and European hyperloop companies today announced the development of an international partnership to define, establish, and…

Leading corporations support hyperloop development


Steel group Tata Steel, maritime equipment supplier Royal IHC and construction group Koninklijke BAM are supporting Delft-based Hardt Hyperloop’s…

1.25M investment for start-up Hardt Hyperloop


Delft, 15 February 2018 – Hardt, the Dutch start-up that is developing the hyperloop, has raised an amount of €1.25M in a new financing round. Thanks…

Dutch House of Representatives wants financing of hyperloop test facility


On Tuesday the Dutch House of Representatives voted unanimously for the motion of D'66 Member of Parliament Rob Jetten. The motion requests the…

Broad support for investment in a hyperloop test facility


In a letter directed to the Dutch Parliament and the Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management, a wide coalition of Dutch companies and…

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