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"With the massive challenge of the energy transition, Hardt is one of those solutions that can play a substantial role in reducing CO2 emissions in transport."
- Jacob Ruiter CEO InnoEnergy  |  ex-MD Essent  |  Early Hardt Investor

"With its revolutionary hyperloop Lane Switching technology, Hardt will change the way we travel. Just like Uber did for personal mobility in cities."
- Kees Koolen ex-CEO  |  Early Uber investor  |  Early Hardt Investor


Increasing demand

Carbon emissions

High infrastructure investments


High capacity

Low energy usage, 100% electric.

Cost effective implementation

One of the fastest modes of transportation

Direct travel to your destination without intermediate stops, minimal boarding time and a cruise speed comparable to that of an airplane: hyperloop will be one of the fastest means of public transport.

Market Size

Hyperloop is expected to be a huge market that addresses existing transportation issues & creates a new industry


Expected total market size by 2050.

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- Mobilized €50M in the EU hyperloop ecosystem
- Shared nr.1 position in the global market according to Bloomberg
- A once-in-a-century opportunity to invest in the future of transport

Hyperloop has traction worldwide

All major governments have indicated their interest in hyperloop

$1.2 trillion infrastructure bill includes & enables hyperloop investments

EU included hyperloop in its Smart Mobility Strategy

World Economic Forum marked hyperloop as tech of the future


Hardt was founded by the winners of the first SpaceX hyperloop competition: Tim Houter, Mars Geuze, Marinus van der Meijs and Sascha Lamme. They met in 2012 while building electric race cars in Delft. Formula Student Delft became champion in 2014, surpassing 500 other teams from around the world.

After winning, the four engineers decided to move on with their studies and work, that is, until Elon Musk had announced a hyperloop competition. The team got back together to participate and founded what is now known as Delft Hyperloop. Led by the founders of Hardt, Delft Hyperloop received the first overall prize in 2017, becoming the first winners of this international event.

After a successful stream of student competitions, the four engineers founded Hardt to develop hyperloop technology and bring this new mode of transport to the market.

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