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Realizing the European
Hyperloop Network

A 10,000 kilometre hyperloop network crossing national borders: we are realizing a world where distance doesn´t matter, where opportunities are open to everyone.

What is hyperloop?

A hyper what? Some kind of train? In a tube? Check out our 1 minute introduction to hyperloop.

A clean alternative to short-haul flights.

Zero CO2 emissions: hyperloop uses less energy per passenger than train or airplane and is completely powered by renewable electricity.

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One of the fastest modes of transportation.

Direct travel to your destination without intermediate stops, minimal boarding time and a cruise speed comparable to that of an airplane: hyperloop will be one of the fastest means of public transport.

Smart autonomous vehicles through a network of safe tubes

Fully controlled by the smartest technology, the network of tubes creates a safe and highly controlled environment. Secure from changeable weather and any disturbance from the outside world, hyperloop promises a journey both safe and comfortable.

The most convenient journey for the modern traveler. 

No prior planning needed, hyperloop departs every few minutes. You can travel directly to your final destination without any intermediate stops or delays. 

A sustainable connected world starts with the hyperloop.

Hardt Hyperloop is committed to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations, adopted by all UN members in 2015. The hyperloop empowers humanity in a sustainable way. It increases the geographic range of daily living, in an affordable way. The potential of an entire continent becomes accessible to every individual.

The Technology.

The hyperloop is made from proven technologies. Combined, they converge to make a completely new mode of transport; moving us towards a future of unlimited possibilities.

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The Hub.

A modular revolution, scalable and integrated into the landscape of everyday life. 

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The Hyperloop Vehicle.

Designed from scratch with passenger comfort and convenience in mind.

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The Infrastructure.

Above ground, hyperloop runs alongside existing infrastructure. In an urban environment, it travels seamlessly on below ground.

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The European Hyperloop Center coming to you in 2022. 

A collaboration of industry, research institutes, and governments from all over Europe will come together under one roof for the next phase of hyperloop development. 

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We are researching the implementation of hyperloop in your region. 

Across Europe, Hardt Hyperloop is researching the impact of potential hyperloop routes, in collaboration with renowned partners. Get in touch if you are interested in a study in your region or industry.

Delivering one European standard. 

Everywhere the same systems and the same safety regulations: Hardt Hyperloop is working together with the hyperloop industry, government and research institutes towards European standardization of hyperloop technologies and comprehensive regulation. A true embodiment of European collaboration.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.


Together with our global partners, we have the greatest development expertise. Together we are realizing the hyperloop.

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