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A world where distance 
does not matter

A world where you can live, work and be, wherever you want, whenever you want. You have the world and everything it has to offer within arm’s reach.

We are on a mission

To achieve net zero by 2050, the global hyperloop network is an indispensable piece of the puzzle. We enable convenient and sustainable high-speed transportation for everyone with the global hyperloop network.

We are Hardt

We are passionate about the impact that we make by achieving our mission. We are brave and embrace the challenge with dedication and persistence.

We initiate, we mobilize, and we get things done. It is this tireless achieving spirit of our team that will make hyperloop reality.

We focus on high quality results and continuously strive for the best. We are always on the lookout to improve, learn along the way, and come up with smart solutions .

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To realize hyperloop, we have a long journey ahead. It won't be as smooth as a hyperloop ride, but we enjoy the challenge immensely nonetheless. 

Hardt's journey

Hardt is the hyperloop technology provider

Implementing hyperloop requires working together between all government organizations and institutes, between regulators, operators, industries, and competitors. Hardt cannot direct this whole complex process. We are a technology company. But we deeply believe in the importance of hyperloop, and we will take our responsibility. To the fullest. We forge partnerships; building an eco-system, a coalition of the willing, a network of companies and organizations that see the necessity of Hyperloop and dedicate energy and resources to it. The importance of Hyperloop is too big to fail.

Within the ecosystem, Hardt ensures the integrity of the full hyperloop system and specifically supplies the core components of the hyperloop: the guideway, the vehicles, and the operating system. Construction, manufacturing and operations are done in partnership with parties that are active locally. We are the main counterpart to public sector and route stakeholders to help them understand what hyperloop can do, how it functions, and what needs to be done to realize it. 

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