No boundaries, no limitations.

Welcome to Hardt

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No boundaries, no limitations...

Imagine a world where distance does not matter.  A world where you can live, work, and be with everyone and everything you care about.

What is, for now, a concept will tomorrow be reality.

We don’t believe in the things that slow us down, separate us, and divide us from who we truly are. We believe in the power of connection – the recipe for a free humanity.

No boundaries, no limitations. Welcome to Hardt.

We are Hardt

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Hardt is what bonds us, a team of determined people from all over the world.

We are working on solutions for heavily overpopulated cities; inaccessible rural areas; and unhealthy industrial urbanization, all of which inhibits human potential. By developing the hyperloop, we are creating an on-demand, affordable transport system with which people can travel huge distances in a short time – all completely emission-free, safe, and accessible to everyone. People will be able to live and work wherever they choose and, consequently, expand their boundaries.

Connecting the world is an intricate mission, and, to do this, we proudly collaborate with governments, leading industries, and institutes from all over the world. 

The founders

Tim Houter

Tim Houter

Co-founder & CEO

Marinus van der Meijs

Marinus van der Meijs

Co-founder & CFO/COO

Mars Geuze

Mars Geuze

Co-founder & CCO

Sascha Lamme

Sascha Lamme

Co-founder & CTO

Supervisory board

Kees de Koning

Former CEO


Bertrand van Ee

Former CEO


Deborah Nas

Professor TU Delft


We deliver, we succeed.