The Hyperloop


The various aspects of the vehicle are designed with safety and comfort in mind. This is true for the seating layout and doors, the lighting inside the vehicle, the various features included in the vehicle, and of course the overall size of the vehicle.


The vehicle is spacious with various seating arrangements, while there is a vehicle exit every number of seats.

Vehicles will arrive and depart every several minutes so it is not necessary to squeeze every single passenger into a vehicle or to rush to get into a specific one.


The vehicles will provide numerous features making passengers aware of where they are, where they are going, and when they will arrive at their destination. The features will be on the chairs in front of the passengers, and on the side, so there will never be a moment of not knowing the basics about the trip.


Safety is crucial for every transport vehicle and something we take very serious. Similar to current transit, the hyperloop is equipped with various safety features that would allow the vehicle to come to a halt, passengers to evacuate the vehicle, and an overall secure trip.


The vehicles will be gliding through concealed tubes so the outside world is not visible. Instead of a single light, the vehicle will contain a skylight which expands the perception of space.

The skylight creates a unique atmosphere by emulating the current time of day along with weather conditions of its current location to give the passengers a more comfortable ride.