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"Build 5 km long high-speed test track for hyperloop in The Netherlands”


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The Dutch Minister of Infrastructure and Environment Schultz van Haegen has, at the request of amongst others Hardt Hyperloop, conducted a research into the feasibility of a test track for the hyperloop in the Netherlands. The report has been sent to the House of Representatives today and judges positively about the added value of a test track. It recommends building a test track of 5 kilometers in Flevoland.

The reason for the research is that not only Hardt Hyperloop from the Netherlands, but also Hyperloop One from the United States indicated that they were looking for a location to test the concept of hyperloop and certify for passenger and freight transport. A consortium of TNO, BCI, VINU and Arup looked in the period from April to August 2017 into technological aspects, spatial integration, finance, economics and governance. Various locations have been considered and based on factors such as land availability and crossings of infrastructure, the Vogelweg in the province of Flevoland has been identified as the most feasible location.

The construction of a hyperloop test track in the Netherlands results in hundreds of new jobs created by the two hyperloop companies. In addition around 59% of the total investment is a direct contribution to the economy. Also knowledge about hyperloop (including certification and sub- technologies) is gained and intellectual property rights can be built up. Dutch companies may export the acquired knowledge and expertise when the hyperloop would be commercialized in a later stage. The Minister therefore finds a hyperloop test track interesting for the Dutch economy and as an impulse for Dutch business. Minister Schultz van Haegen now leaves it up to the House of Representatives and her successor to further interpret the hyperloop report and to make decisions about the financial support and commitment of the government to the potential future cooperation with the hyperloop companies.

Hyperloop development in the Netherlands

Hardt Hyperloop is the first European company to develop the hyperloop. The startup, emerged from the winning team in Elon Musk’s hyperloop competition, has built in cooperation with the biggest construction company in the Netherlands, BAM, Europe’s first hyperloop test at the campus of the Delft University of Technology to test the most critical systems at a low speed. At the unveiling of this test track last June, Minister Schultz van Haegen expressed her ambition for the Netherlands to be the European test bed for innovative and sustainable forms of transport and so build up more knowledge about them. "The hyperloop is fast, innovative, quiet and sustainable and therefore very interesting for the mobility of the future," said Minister Schultz van Haegen.

High-speed test track

For the operational application of the hyperloop, Hardt Hyperloop is looking for a test track to also test at high speeds. This includes testing of curves, switches, passenger pods, safety and the operation of the timetable. "The Minister's positive response to the report is a great impulse for the hyperloop development. The proposed test track can test all components of a hyperloop system before starting the construction of a commercial track, anywhere in the world. I am looking forward to cooperate with the Ministry and Hyperloop One to give substance to the results from the report. It's wonderful to see that the road to a global future with hyperloops might start in the Netherlands”, said Tim Houter, CEO and co-founder of Hardt Hyperloop.

Hyperloop network in the Netherlands

In a hyperloop, persons and goods can travel through a tube with very little air resistance at speeds of more than a thousand kilometers per hour. This makes transport more energy efficient than transport with, for example, the plane or the train. With a hyperloop network in the Netherlands, the Randstad will be in less than half an hour away from all corners of the country. "We are creating a world where distance does not matter. Where you have the freedom to live and work wherever you want”, says Houter from Hardt Hyperloop. 

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