Lead Civil Engineer


Developing a new mode of transportation provides the opportunity for innovation in the fields of engineering and constructing infrastructure.  

It will be your responsibility to turn this world upside down. By leading a team of highly motivated individuals to research, develop, and implement new solutions for infrastructure and construction technologies in the context of hyperloop.

Expect a healthy mix between design, engineering, and management as one of the four leads in the product development team. Your tasks will vary from building and managing long-term relationships with technical partners and being responsible for the overall design, engineering, and technology development of the hyperloop civils and earthworks. You will report to the Engineering Project Manager who is responsible for the overall realization of the European Hyperloop Centre.

Your first major milestone, the realization of the cargoloop and high-speed test facility.


As our Lead Civil Engineer your responsibilities will include:

  • In charge of hyperloop civil and earthworks department
  • Develop our civil & earthworks engineering department with focus on latest technology and innovative methods.
  • Taking charge of research and development of the hyperloop civil & earthworks.
  • Developing specifications, engineering design criteria and detailed scope of work documents in the department that you will lead.
  • Design civils from geotechnical information, reports and samples.
  • Developing and managing the civil and earthworks design team.
  • Management of Civil and Earthworks contractors on site.
  • Building and maintaining the safety culture within your team. At Hardt, we believe that safety is a behavior, not a formality.

What we like to see

  • Demonstrated ability in your field of expertise and willing to innovate.
  • Strong work ethic and drive to be the best.
  • Strong Civil Engineering experience in special type and infrastructure projects.
  • Has experience on site in construction of small to medium sized projects and able to apply your knowledge and lessons learnt to the design, engineering, procurement and construction phases of the project. 
  • Experience in the management of civil & earthworks contracts on an EPCM and EPC type contacting methodology.
  • Experience in surveying, leveling and alignment of infrastructure.
  • Ability to calculate and check structural designs.
  • Experience in geotechnical engineering.
  • Experience in tunneling design preferred.
  • Earthquake experience preferred.
  • Excellent communication skills in English — both written and verbal.
  • Excellent communication skills in Dutch — both written and verbal (optional).
  • Ability to work in a fast paced, autonomous, and demanding atmosphere.
  • Ability to deal with ambiguity, be assertive and manage multiple priorities.
  • Ability to rapidly change roles/responsibilities while working in a challenging work environment.
  • Exceptional teamwork skills.
  • Minimum of 6 years of experience related to the position.
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in the field of Civil Engineering.
  • Experience with CAD, GIS and BIM and relevant simulation software.
  • Ideally has experience in programming.
  • Excellent skills in Microsoft Office.
  • Exceptional presentation and reporting skills.
  • Availability to work extended hours and weekends when needed.
  • Flexibility in working hours and willingness to travel within and outside Europe.

The Team

We are a strong team of highly driven and enthusiastic entrepreneurs. People who get stuff done, people who can create, who have a passion for challenges and love to explore. Hardt seeks achievers; leaders and visionaries who want to join our team and make Hardt Hyperloop a global success story.

The Company

Hardt is a European technology company that specializes in hyperloop. We believe it is our duty to improve the lives of current and future generations by creating technologies that challenge time and distance and remove physical boundaries. We envision a world where you can go and be with everyone and everything you care about. A world where distance does not matter.

Hyperloop is the new mode of transportation for large volumes of cargo and passengers. The hyperloop network connects cities, countries, and even continents in short periods of time. Tubes with a low-pressure environment offer ideal conditions for low-energy travel and protect the vehicles from external influences. Just like a highway, vehicles join and exit the high-speed network at any point along the route and are seamlessly connected with other modalities. Direct trips are made possible without transfers or intermediate stops.

How do you see the future of travel? We offer you to be among the first to have a say. Here, if one of us has an idea and a way to prove it, you will have the grounds to do it. We continually challenge each other to think unrestrained. You will have the chance to make a real impact on society. Above all, you will also have the best fun with us at our beautiful office and low speed test facility locations in Delft. Those who are part of the team claim they got more than they bargained for. Do you have what it takes to join?

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Application Process

Apply: Send your resume and motivation letter (max. one A4 page) using the form above, note: we only accept applications in English. You are encouraged to add another file containing more information about your experience.

First phone call: We will invite you for a quick 30 minute phone or Skype call where we will ask you a few personal questions to determine your team-fit and motivation.

First meeting: We will invite you to our office so we can meet in person and ask you a few questions to see what role you could play. For this, 60-minute part no extra material preparation is needed.

Interview*: We will ask you to carry out a series of short assignments on the spot, to evaluate your competence and way of working and lay out your previous experience in a short presentation. The interview takes up to 2-3 hours, and we like to carry it out in person, although remote interviews are possible too.

*Please bear in mind, the process may vary according to the position.

Contract proposal: If you are qualified, we will make you a job offer.

Employed: Just a signature and welcome to our team!

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