Standardization  &

Setting the standard and promoting
regulations for hyperloop .

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Setting the standards

Through standardization work Hardt aims to realize seamless hyperloop travels in a fully interoperable network. Standardized interfaces between systems and subsystems as well as a common language for testing and manufacturing will enable safe-by-design and seamless hyperloop operations, while at the same time minimizing development risks.

In partnership (collaboration) with key hyperloop global players, Hardt played a crucial role in initiation of the standardization activities at the European CEN/CENELEC. This initiative has extended to a broad collaboration with experts from academia, operators, and industries that are jointly contributing to the work at the European joint technical committee (JTC) in standards development of the hyperloop systems. These are the standards that will set the foundation for building a hyperloop technology that will truly empower people and meet the needs for sustainable transport of a society as a whole.

We believe that Hardt’s contribution to the open, consensus-based standards development shows strong commitment and technical leadership for the hyperloop technology development as the safest and most sustainable network technology of the future.

Promote hyperloop regulations

Together with key hyperloop developers around the globe, Hardt is working tirelessly towards setting the regulations that will enable interoperable and safe hyperloop systems.

In Europe, the European Union (EU) through its regulations aims at the development of a single market in various sectors. In transport sector, interoperability and safety are traditionally the main pillars of EU legislation. As such hyperloop will be no exception. European Commission’s Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport (DGMOVE) is in addition leading the transition to cleaner, greener, and smarter mobility, in line with the objectives of the European Green Deal. Under the leadership of Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking, Hardt in close collaboration with other key hyperloop developers is relentlessly aiding the DGMOVE in the necessary steps for the development of an EU regulatory framework for hyperloop.

Globally, Hardt is aiding governments at local, regional and national level in understanding the hyperloop technology and its benefits such that those can be translated in the regulatory requirements.

“Standards have enabled a lot of exciting technologies we use every day and we strongly believe that standards development will also enable an interoperable, and most importantly a safe-by- design hyperloop system.“ - Vlora Rexhepi