High-speed Test Facility

World's First High-speed Hyperloop Test Facility

Hardt Hyperloop top view dutch high-speed test facility.jpg

Together with industry leaders and governments, we are developing the first high-speed hyperloop test facility in the world in the Dutch province of Flevoland. The development of this revolutionary transportation system offers many new opportunities for European businesses and will advance accessibility and sustainability in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe.

As a result of the positive outcome yielded by a research report commissioned by the Dutch government at the end of 2017, various parties, including Hardt, are working on the realization of the test facility on Dutch soil. The designated location is the ‘Vogelweg’ near Lelystad Airport in the province of Flevoland. The Dutch government also sees this as a potential prelude to a future commercial route.

The test facility involves a route of 5 kilometers with a full-scale tube where high-speed on-/off-ramp technology can also be tested. The test facility will be used by several hyperloop parties to jointly develop an international standard. According to the report, carried out under the leadership of the Dutch research agency TNO, 400 FTEs are involved in the realization of the test facility alone. It is therefore expected that businesses from around the world will be drawn to the Netherlands to perform such tests. This opens up possibilities for the Netherlands to become the knowledge hub for this new technology and will see the country benefit from all associated economic spin-offs that this hub might bring.

Hyperloop technology is rapidly gaining momentum. Many countries in Europe are already considering building hyperloop test facilities. For now, the only hyperloop company to exist in Europe is the Dutch startup Hardt Hyperloop. Hardt Hyperloop is widely supported by BAM, Dutch Railways, Delft University of Technology, UNIIQ and among others.