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Hardt was one of the first hyperloop companies in the world and has created a network of partners that are working towards the first hyperloop route. Combining the expertise of our top-notch business developers, engineers, and designers, we are setting up a program that not only delivers the hyperloop to your region but is also focused on creating a new, local industry.

Our researchers work together with our marketing team to create a support base for consumers, businesses, and governments. In the end, we want to make sure that every single person on earth will feel the benefit of the hyperloop. 

Feasibility study

Does a hyperloop fit your vision of the future? With the feasibility study, we are objectively and rationally investigating the strengths and weaknesses of each proposed route and examining the potential opportunities, threats, and the necessary resources for the route to be implemented.

Building up a local industry

We believe the hyperloop should serve everyone. That's one of the reasons why we work together with local industries and institutions to develop and build the hyperloop. By creating economic benefits and jobs, we can ensure that the hyperloop will become a project for the whole community.

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