Joint technical committee

European technical committee for
safe and seamless hyperloop travel

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With the establishment of the European joint CEN/CENELEC technical committee in February 2020 the hyperloop industry gained a vehicle to not only develop standards, but at the same time generate public acceptance for the new technology.

A key feature in the development of a European Standard (ENs), and one from which it gains strength and legitimacy, is consensus of all interested parties. Standardization of the hyperloop systems at the JTC20 ‘Hyperloop Systems’ is an open process to anyone including but not limited to small and medium-sized enterprises, large corporations, academia, government agencies and interest groups willing to voluntarily participate and contribute to hyperloop standards drafting and development. Standardization organizations such as NEN, DIN, UNE make sure involvement of all relevant stakeholders and ensure that the standardization processes are followed. The participating experts have the most influence on the content and agreements on the published standards.

‘Standardization is not “l’art pour l’art” and standards are triggered and respond to market needs.’ Carl Bildt report. 

Standardization leadership

Participation in the JTC20 is done through national committees. This has resulted in the establishment of many national committees throughout Europe. In the Netherlands, Hardt’s Vlora Rexhepi is leading the national committee as the chair person.

At Hardt through our participation and through our network we strive for and encourage high participation rate of various experts in the standards development. Such participation will not only improve the content and quality of standards, but it will at the same time generate support for the commercial realization of hyperloop.

First hyperloop standards

Following the systems engineering approach to standardization, the JTC20 members agreed to work on a set of five standard projects. The standardization of the hyperloop system as a new transport mode calls for a reference architecture to be developed first, by defining all the systems and subsystems of hyperloop, as well as defining the requirements and services for the transport of passengers and cargo.

All five projects are being led by key hyperloop developers. Hardt is leading the Hyperloop Transport Services one.
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First proposals for Hyperloop European Standards (EN).

Overview and vocabulary


The purpose of this document is to describe and define general vocabulary used for a hyperloop system, and subsystems. Hyperloop is a new mode of ground transportation, defining related vocabulary will be helpful for clear communication and cooperation of companies developing individual subsystems.


The document provides a nomenclature and definitions needed for hyperloop system related standards. This document will be the basis to set the general vocabulary definitions for the hyperloop system as a whole.

Generic system requirements for hyperloop systems

Hyperloop System Aspects – reference architecture

Standards Inventory and roadmap

Hyperloop transport services