The hyperloop

Future of transportation


Imagine a connected world where you can live, work, and be with everyone and everything you care about. We are realizing that world by developing the hyperloop: The future of transportation.

Scalable in speed and distance

A high-capacity transportation system connecting cities of every size at any distance. A regional loop connecting cities, and a high-speed loop connecting countries.

No transfers

A network of cross-border cities, all connected in one network. The system works like a highway, with on- and off-ramps to go from city to city without transfers, offering a point-to-point, direct connection.

Faster, cleaner, cheaper

The hyperloop infrastructure will not be subject to sound or environmental emissions. Integrated solar panels will offer the necessary energy to power the technology.

How it works


Imagine a train...


every wagon of which can travel autonomously to different destinations, offering departures every few minutes...


These wagons travel inside a vacuum tube, protected from wind, rain and snow…


Instead of the traditional wheels, they feature a magnetic propulsion and suspension system, so we can travel at more than 1000 km/h in absolute comfort. 


The system is elevated, resting on pylons that allows it to cross any terrain, making its implementation easy, flexible, and cost-effective.


Or it can go underground, allowing it to cross cities, mountains, and beautiful landscapes unnoticed. 


Cities on a hyperloop route are connected to it using “on- and off-ramps”. These ramps allow every hyperloop trip to be direct, with no intermediate stops, and they don’t slow down the main tube.

How fast is the hyperloop?






The hyperloop for everyone


The hyperloop connects the world, enabling people to travel, explore, and stand out. We want to connect as many people as possible and are working hard to make it suitable for the whole population.

Trustful technology


We believe that the transportation of tomorrow should be reliable – always. It has to be there when you need it and be engineered to the highest standards of  safety and security. Here is how we are making this happen:

Seamless integration


We don’t see the hyperloop as the solution for everything. We do, however, see it as a crucial element of future travel trends. The only solution is to connect these in a seamless way.

Built for the future


Developed on a very energy-efficient platform, with the possibility of installing solar technology on the outside of the tube, and with the configuration of the vehicles designed to adapt to customers’ social travel trend projections, the hyperloop is future- proof.

Next generation traveling. You are in control.

Simply open an app on your smartphone, choose your destination, and you will be guided to your hyperloop portal where your pod will be waiting for you. Connected to all future travel possibilities, the algorithm puts together the ideal route – all without buying tickets months in advance or experiencing long boarding times.