The Hyperloop


The hub contains various design choices that make traveling and commuting efficient for the transport systems itself and those utilizing the system.It is more than just a station, it is a transport eco-system envisioned together with our partner UNStudio and visualized by Plomp


The design of the hub is optimized to reduce embarking and disembarking times of the vehicles. This way the vehicles can leave and arrive every few minutes for others to get to their destinations on time.


The station is setup in such a way that that there is no need for passengers leaving the vehicle to encounter those entering the vehicle. The division of passengers will reduce waiting times, and therefore overall trip duration.

This also greatly reduces the congestion and overcrowding of travelers on the platforms.


The hub integrates not just the hyperloop, but also other modes of transportation, such as bikes, buses, trains, and airplanes.

All modes of transport have their advantages, but some also have their drawbacks. The hyperloop is a healthy addition to the current transport network - replacing specific routes, but not replacing a mode of transportation.


The modular design creates an environment that is easily managed, memorized, and utilized. Specific sections are defined by amenities, while others are drawn for vehicle platforms going to their destination city or the airport.