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This is Hyperloop.

Can you imagine — boarding within minutes, direct travel to your final destination, with no intermediate stops. A system that works like a subway, but spans a whole continent. Travelling with the speed of an airplane, with the comfort of a train, completely safe and with zero emissions. That’s hyperloop.

Rationally, hyperloop is the best alternative to short-haul flights. It ticks all the boxes. And yet imagining what it will be like to travel with this new mode of transportation is quite a challenge. With experience hyperloop, we want to show you our vision. We have produced the CABIN-1, a real size prototype of the vehicle interior, in which people can have a seat and feel what hyperloop will be like. Comfortable, easy of access, sustainable and fast.

The hyperloop hub & vehicle

The hyperloop hub, designed by the acclaimed UNSFutures team at UNStudio presents a visionary scalable solution for the integration of the hyperloop system into modern urban areas. The station gives access to the hyperloop vehicles for affordable mass transportation according to current safety and comfort standards.

Skylight system

The entire vehicle ceiling is composed of a curved display, allowing the most breathtaking views into the cabin.

This is the Cabin - 1

A fully functional life-size segment of the hyperloop vehicle interior. Step into the year 2028 and discover the future of transportation with this interactive roadshow. Take a seat and be among the first to travel by hyperloop.


A real eye-catcher. Curved LED screens form a fully transformable ceiling for the hyperloop vehicle, creating a connection to the outside world by showing all kinds of skies. Enjoy the Northern Lights during your travels.

Luggage compartments

Forget about overhead clumsiness and heavy lifting. Store your hand-luggage safely and easily below your own seat and comfortably access it at any point along your trip.

Infotainment panel

Your hyperloop journey seamlessly connects to any first or last-mile modality. Decide on bike or self-driving car based on the real-time travel info and weather conditions shown on the infotainment panel.


Especially designed for hyperloop and adapted to the dimensions of the modern traveler. Sit down and imagine yourself working privately or have a perfectly comfortable powernap while traveling the continent.

Augmented reality experience

The iPad experience creates a highly accurate 3D model in dynamic sceneries and illuminations while guiding you around the physical installation. Point the iPad camera within the CABIN-1 and step inside a full hyperloop vehicle in real-life detail.

Mixed reality experience

Hyperloop’s first and only HoloLens 2 experience built  especially for CABIN-1 . Be amazed as the HoloLens transforms the cabin into a full-size vehicle. Smoothly travel from Amsterdam to Berlin while finding out everything about hyperloop.